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"On a weekly basis, probably across the board, we save six to eight hours with MyCase Drive. Some weeks, if we have a lot of discovery due or a lot of new cases to file, I'd say we save 20 hours."

– Jennifer Tompkins, Law Office of Jennifer Joyce Tompkins

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Organize your case documents and folders with drag-and-drop functionality.

Changes made within MyCase or your desktop are automatically synced, saving you valuable time while providing greater accuracy.

Be assured that your documents are secure and safe with automatic cloud backups and access management at the case level.

No more manual uploads

Intuitive workflow integration

Easy and fast migration

Utilize MyCase eSignature and document sharing features without needing to download or upload your documents again.

Documents are securely stored in the cloud and seamlessly accessible from your desktop in a system designed for law firms.

Migrate your documents to MyCase with ease and enjoy your centralized document storage solution.

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